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A Message from the Class Teacher, Mrs Foord

Welcome to the Reception Class Page!


A very warm Milstead welcome to Catkins class!  It’s a momentous occasion when your child starts school for the first time and we know how daunting it can be, for parents and children.  All of Catkins class have settled in beautifully well and have enjoyed exploring their new environment in a calm and respectful way making it a lovely first week for us all.  Some of the children already know each other from pre-schools, however most children didn’t know anyone but rest assured by the end of the first week the whole class had gelled amazingly well as if they’d been together for years!

Our first week in Catkins has focused on the settling in process – finding out where the toilets are and where we can fill up our water bottles.  We have also started attending collective worship as part of the whole school. This week the children have stayed for lunch for the first time and took to it like ducks to water - we were very proud of them all!


 We have spent time this week kick starting our topic for term one – ‘All about me’, finding out all about ourselves, our families and friends.  Each week we will have a focus text in our Literacy learning which will influence activities in all other areas of learning.  This week we have sent home a ‘creative home learning menu’, with some ideas and tasks for topic based learning at home.  Any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Catkin’s team. 

Reading Books.

At the end of this week your child will bring home their first school reading book.  These books have no words and are for story telling skills, to develop comprehension, imagination and vocabulary.  Later when the children move on to books with words we urge you to continue with the story telling skills as well as reading the words. We recommend you read with your child daily, for around 10 minutes to support the development of good reading habits and to practice all those skills learnt in school. Please comment on your child’s reading at home, using the reading record book.

Letters and Sounds - phonics

Next week will we begin our phonics learning.  Your child might come home singing some jolly phonics songs to support the learning of each sound.  You might be familiar with these songs from your child’s pre-school, however if you are not you can look here to listen to all the songs your child is learning.  We will organise a ‘parents in class’ session later in the term, where you will be invited to a phonics workshop and to observe the teaching and learning of phonics in Catkin’s.  For now please look here to find out more about pure sounds to support your child at home.


Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled.  We would like all children to have a pair of named wellies and a set of waterproofs (all in one or trousers and jacket) in school.  These items will be worn when using the mud kitchen in the garden and also for our ‘Woodland Wednesday’ sessions – more details to follow.  If you have any difficulty in providing these items please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Foord or Mrs Baker so that we can support you.


Sensory Play.

In Catkins we have plenty of sensory play. This supports our fine motor skills.  Activities will include things like shaving foam, moon sand (baby oil with flour), oats, play dough, cooking, clay, gloop (corn flour and water) etc. If your child is allergic to any of the ingredients or you would rather they did not take part in this type of play please let me know via the yellow contact book.  Of course all children will be wearing aprons with full sleeves.



To begin with, our PE will take place as ‘Write Dance’ sessions followed by a children’s yoga session twice weekly.  Please ensure PE kits are in school every day and are clearly labelled and include both plimsolls and trainers. As a school we also take part in a ‘Daily Mile’.  Each class spends 15 minutes a day outside running, jogging and walking and Catkins will be introduced to this in the near future.


We have really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful things your children have been doing in the summer holiday and it’s been lovely to share these with the children as a talking point. Please continue to add wow moments to tapestry – your input to your children’s learning and development is greatly appreciated.  If you experience any problems with tapestry please let me know.  We will also be adding observations of your children onto your child’s tapestry profile.  There will be an information session about this – information to follow.


In class we promote the school rules.  To support this we have a chart with a star, a smiley face and a sad face.  The children have their names on pegs on the smiley face at the start of each day.  If a child does something amazing - going above and beyond the school rules their name will be put on the star and a star will be sent home.  If a child is having difficulty keeping the school rules, they will receive a verbal warning, which involves us talking to them in a calm and respectful way, explaining the expectations and putting support in place to help the child with the particular behaviour they are struggling with.  If the behaviour continues, their name will be moved to the sad face.  This is for a short amount of time only and as soon as positive behaviour is seen the name is moved straight back to the smiley face. 


Please remember to look at the website for updates and photos of our exciting learning. 


We’d like to thank you for your support in your child’s learning.  If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to us.  You can use the yellow contact book, come and speak to us in person (at the end of the school day is often a better time) or by making an appointment via the school office.

 Kind Regards

 The Catkins Team.

Mrs Foord – Class Teacher

Mrs DaCosta – Teaching Assistant


Creative home learning menu:  Home learning term 1


Bluebells in the woods (21 images)

Today we went to the woods and observed the bluebells. We talked about their features, the reasons not to pick them and how they smelt. The children mixed their own colours to create a painting of the bluebells.

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Write Dance fun in Catkins class (6 images)

Catkin class have been taking part in Write Dance activities where the children follow and learn specific movements to develop their physical skills including, balance, coordination, flexibility and stamina, aligned to a combination of rhythmic and melodic music. Mark-making and ‘movement drawings’ allow the children progress from whole body dance moves to fine- motor movements with fluency and speed. The children absolutely love this activity!

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