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Collective Worship

At Mistead and Frinsted school, an act of worship which reflects Anglican beliefs, practices and values, is held every day (in accordance with the requirements of our Trust Deed). Every effort is made to ensure the content of the worship is appropriate to the ages and family backgrounds of the children.

Milstead school uses the daily act of worship to help children learn the practice of prayer, silence and concentration and the use of symbols and ritual.  The daily worship underpins the Christian ethos of our School and the value of the individual and Christian community within the school.

The Head of School or one of the class teachers leads the daily act of worship on four days a week. The children visit our local Church for a short service of collective worship, to celebrate important Christian festivals.

Whilst parents have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship, we hope that they will discuss any concerns with the Head of School before exercising this right.