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A Message from the Class Teacher, Mrs Charter



I cannot believe we are here already: summer term. Oaks have a lot to pack into this, with our Year 6 SATS and our end of year play to prepare! Here is what we will be up to in the coming half term:


The focus this term is on revision to prepare for the SATS which are in the 3rd week of this half term. To prepare everyone for this we will be completing our amazing story, revisiting all the key skills we have learnt over the last months. We will be engaging in a whole school writing week with some exciting visitors making an appearance! We will also be closely observing and learning about the thatching project which will be happening in this term, on the cottage next to the school. Hopefully, we will arrange some afternoon activities and an interview with the master thatcher.


Again, the focus is on revision. We will revisit all the areas your child needs to prepare them for the tests in May. Year 5s will begin this term on fractions again, to consolidate the learning we did in this area previously. We will then move onto to revisiting all four operation and word problems.


We are focussing on local area history and geography this term, looking at maps and learning to map read!


We will be looking at evolution and the life cycle of living things including plants and animals.


We return to Sikhism for this last part of Year 6’s year, followed by Christianity.  We hope to visit the church and will be focussing on the Pentecost and the imagery to be found in stained glass windows.

I promise that after the SATS, the class WILL be told what our end of year production will be, and we will be preparing the year 6s for the important transition to secondary school. So, a busy term!

If anyone wishes to come and talk to me about any aspect of the above please do, preferably after school! This term is always a fun and busy time and I hope we all enjoy a busy and fun term.


Mrs Wallwork continues to teach PE to Oaks this term. Please ensure your child ALWAYS has complete indoor and outdoor PE kit at all times, to ensure they do not miss out!

Home learning

 In addition to termly creative home learning, children are asked to do the following on a weekly basis:

  • daily reading (home or school book)
  • times tables and maths recall facts (for weekly tests)
  • spellings (for weekly tests),
  • additional revsion work for year 6 in the period prior to SAT tests.

If anyone wishes to come and talk to me about any aspect of the above please do, preferably after school! Looking forward to another busy and fun term!


The Oak class team consists of:

Mrs Charter - class teacher

Mrs Coomber - teaching assistant

Miss Wallwork - teaching assistant

What will we be learning this year?   OAK CLASS CURRICULUM MAP

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Oak class scarecrows (0 images)

A lovely fun in the sunshine post-SATS activity!

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Oak class scarecrows (3 images)

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Oak class scarecrows (0 images)

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Year 5 Kingswood (11 images)

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Oak's trip to the Science Museum (25 images)

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Oak class Charleston dancing (14 images)

As part of their 'through the decades' topic, Oak class have been learning different dances including the Charleston.

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Oak Class team building (16 images)

Who could make the tallest spaghetti tower which could hold a marshmallow on top?

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