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The New Curriculum

 As an Academy we have developed a new and exciting curriculum for all our schools. The Government brought out a new National Curriculum in September 2014 and we have used this as an opportunity to develop our current Academy Curriculum, ready to teach from in September 2015.

Each of the schools spent time last year working with our Curriculum Development Officers so that teachers could develop their own programme that fits best with their children, environment, resources and skills.

We have decided to take on the National Curriculum as it stands in English, Maths and Science, as these are tested nationally and we would be doing our children a large disservice if we strayed too far away from these National guidelines. The goalposts in most of these subjects have moved slightly, either up or down, but our new curriculum ensures a good coverage of the key skills needed. This year, Year 2 and Year 6 will be tested from the new national curriculum at the end of their Key Stages (May 2016).

The rest of the curriculum has been looked at by your child’s teachers in some detail. They have looked at the expectations in the National Curriculum and used these to create some exciting new topics across the 1 or 2 year cycles. We have used some of the children’s ideas, and have taken on board some of the parent's thoughts and suggestions. Thank you to all those parents who handed in completed questionnaires for this process.

For more information on our new curriculum as well as the government move to assessing without levels, please download the Powerpoints.

Assessment presentation for parents

Curriculum presentation to parents