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The Curriculum

At Milstead and Frinsted we teach a varied curriculum and have several enrichment days and weeks over the year.

These are held to ensure that the children have opportunities that may not otherwise be available to them and can further develop any gifts and talents that they may have. Woven through the curriculum is writing and ICT. We expect the same standards of work in, for example, Science and History as we do in Maths and English. Although there is a series of topics planned for the year, these are adapted for each cohort of children throughout each term. We make the most of our federation links and teachers often plan together and trips, where possible, are joint. This reduces costs and allows us to access more resources.

National Curriculum:

The National Curriculum and our own curriculum statement give us the framework of what is to be taught and it is within this framework that we organise our own curriculum.

Whilst we realise the prime importance of English and maths within the primary school, they are taught in every class each morning, we also feel that children need a more rounded education. At Milstead and Frinsted we therefore also place emphasis on Science, Computers, Sport, Art and Music. We offer additional specialist teaching in Swimming and a range of other sports.

We set targets for the children and the school in English and maths and review progress on a termly basis (as Milstead time lags many years behind modern times we still use three terms in our school year Autumn, Spring and Summer).

As a Church controlled school we aim to meet children’s needs in a caring, Christian environment. Children are taught Religious Education in line with the Kent Agreed Syllabus and guidelines from the Canterbury Diocesan Board of Education.

An overview of the currciculum maps for each class can be found here:

Acorn class curriculum map

Aspen class curriculum map

Oak class curriculum map

Our RE syllabus (statutory from September 2018) can be found here:

Re syllabus overview

 Our approach to teaching different subjects can be found here: