Work Hard. Be Kind. Trust God.

Selling C of E Primary School

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Be Kind Week

We held ‘Be Kind Week’ at school which combined elements of National Anti-Bullying Week, the theme for which this year was ‘all different, all equal’ and National Kindness Day UK.  Our aim was to encourage children to think about how being kind can make everyone feel happy and safe in school.

 Children enjoyed learning both in both class house groups about the definition of bullying and what to do about it, an appreciation that despite our differences we are all equal and the importance of kindness in our lives.

 We started the week with Odd Socks Day. Children were invited to wear odd socks to school in exchange for a small donation, as an opportunity them to express themselves and appreciate individuality and uniqueness. All money raised was donated to the Anti Bullying Alliance.

 We ran a competition to design a kindness posters encouraging others to be kind.  Also our new school council have chosen to support the local charity Porchlight who help vulnerable and isolated people get support with mental health, housing, education and employment.  Mrs Foord organised an Extra Kindness assembly during the week where a representative from the charity came in to in to talk to the children about what they do, to give meaning to future fundraising.  All in all we had a fun and important week of learning.