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Catkins 2017

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Joss Bay trip

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Sports Day 2017

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Acorn Class Trip to Whitstable

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We all enjoyed our trip to Whitstable especially visiting the RNLI lifeboat station.

Investigating Electricity!

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Aspen class had a brilliant time investigating insulators and conductors in our science lesson today.

Bluebells in the woods

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Today we went to the woods and observed the bluebells. We talked about their features, the reasons not to pick them and how they smelt. The children mixed their own colours to create a painting of the bluebells.

RNLI Beach Safety

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The RNLI came to talk to Acorn Class about keeping safe at the seaside. We were a little disappointed there wasn't a swimming pool to go with the dolphin!

Book Week 2017

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Christmas lunch

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Home learning

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Science week

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Sports Day 2016

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Post SATs

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Writing week

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Daily mile

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Acorn Class brought fireworks to the classroom on the 5th November after making sparklers and learning about firework safety.

Write Dance fun in Catkins class

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Catkin class have been taking part in Write Dance activities where the children follow and learn specific movements to develop their physical skills including, balance, coordination, flexibility and stamina, aligned to a combination of rhythmic and melodic music. Mark-making and ‘movement drawings’ allow the children progress from whole body dance moves to fine- motor movements with fluency and speed. The children absolutely love this activity!

Oak class Charleston dancing

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As part of their 'through the decades' topic, Oak class have been learning different dances including the Charleston.

Oak Class team building

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Who could make the tallest spaghetti tower which could hold a marshmallow on top?

General Gallery

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